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Dermaweb: Skin knowledge at your fingertips

Dermaweb is the leading international dermatology platform for professional discussion and resources.


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Driving expertise on skin and skin-related matters

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Training, case reports, quizzes, practical sheets, image libraries, 1 weekly newsletter, 1 mobile app for identifying drug eruptions: SKINDRUG by Dermaweb.

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Join the international community of skin experts

Share and share your experiences with more than 30,000 members worldwide.

Share your experiences and communicate with more than 40,000 members worldwide.



Information of the highest quality

Expertise, impartiality, peer review

Referenced content that is written by dermatologists and approved by an independent scientific committee made up of 25 internationally renowned experts.

  • Recommendations from a number of learned societies
  • Winner of numerous awards


Anticipate changes in medical practices and patient expectations

A broader view of skin and skin-related matters

  • Doctor-patient relationship, psychodermatology 
  • E-health in brief
  • Cultural posts
  • Dermo-cosmetic research
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