DERMAWEB is a scientific and medical website created for health professionals, by health professionals. Pierre Fabre Laboratories, editor of www.dermaweb.com, hereinafter referred to as DERMAWEB, undertakes to provide its members with content that complies with the highest scientific and medical standards. They request that authors and external contributors adhere to these same  commitments as outlined in the DERMAWEB code of ethics, which is encompassed by that of Pierre Fabre Group as a whole. First and foremost, these commitments are designed to ensure patient safety. The aim of this document is to formalize the roles and responsibilities of the authors/experts called upon for scientific and medical contributions to the DERMAWEB site.

These contributions are scientific and medical and serve a strictly non-promotional purpose.

The authors agree to provide an honest, fair, and balanced description of the various treatment 
options available to clinicians.

Where applicable, authors are required to point out if there is a Risk Management Plan (RMP) in place 
for a given drug in their country of practice. This does not exempt the potential prescriber of said drug 
from verifying the existence of a similar plan in their own country of practice.


The contributing authors/experts, who are selected on the basis of their experience and expertise in 
fields for which Pierre Fabre wishes to draw on sound medical and scientific judgment, are 
independent and present their views in a professional and personal capacity. They guarantee the 
content’s objectivity and compliance with the highest scientific/medical, ethical and deontological 

Their opinions and recommendations are given by way of information only and cannot in any way 
replace those of the health authorities. 

Under no circumstances are the companies whose drugs have been quoted by the author, either 
directly or indirectly, responsible for the information published on the site.


The Editorial Committee and the Editor-in-Chief reserve the right, in conjunction with the author:

▪ Not to publish, or to remove from the site, any content that fails to follow good ethical and 
compliance practices.
▪ To remove any content that has become obsolete or unhelpful.

For each publication, the authors’ memberships in any institutions, learned societies and other 
organizations are indicated on the site. This membership in no way constitutes an endorsement on the 
part of said organizations of the contributions submitted by the authors.


The authors undertake to respect all legal obligations relating to copyrights. They are responsible for 
obtaining permission for any reproductions of third-party copyrighted material and confirm that, to 
the best of their knowledge, third-party copyrights are duly respected.


DERMAWEB strives to provide reliable and up-to-date content. However, it does not offer any explicit 
or implicit guarantee as to the compliance and exhaustiveness of the information and content available 
on the site. 

The use made of the information and content remains under the sole responsibility and control of said 
health professionals.

DERMAWEB declines all responsibility for the outcome of any decisions made by health professionals 
using the site that are based purely on the information published on it.

The reader is reminded that the content of this site should not be treated as a substitute for the 
information available in scientific publications. The content should therefore be considered as a nonexhaustive addition to the scientific information available in the therapeutic field of the diseases in 

Some of the data published on this site may not have been validated by the health authorities in the 
user's country. The user must refer to the relevant local authorities for any further information.

For communications that are moderated after publication, DERMAWEB declines all responsibility for 
any contribution submitted by health professionals within the site’s collaborative spaces if the Editorial 
Committee had no prior knowledge of said contribution before it was put online, or if it was promptly 
removed as soon as the committee became aware of it.

The answers and comments posted in the "Skindiag" service’s discussion thread are for informational 
purposes only and are in no way under the responsibility of Pierre Fabre Laboratories. These are 
exchanges between health professionals in which Pierre Fabre does not intervene. However, Pierre 
Fabre reserves the right to moderate the "Skindiag" service’s discussion thread in order to uphold the 
ethical and deontological standards of its exchanges and publications.


The data exchanged in the "Skindiag" service’s discussion thread is neither stored nor analyzed. It is 
the responsibility of users to receive prior consent from their patients to post photos online and to 
ensure that their anonymity is respected.

Code of Ethics - Dermaweb - March 2022